# Halo Modules Below are the currently supported modules. The list is not comprehensive, and thanks to the flexible virtualization platform, it is very easy to add new modules. Currently the modules can be grouped into 3 categories: * Private Cloud Modules * Blockchain Modules * Decentralized Motenization Modules ## Private Cloud Modules Private Cloud Services remove the need to use 3rd party providers such as Google Docs or Dropbox. These modules provide essentially identical functionality and they ensure the data is under the owner's control and jurisdiction. It is a comprehensive, custom, open source collaborative document management and CRM suite. Current modules are: * WebOffice document management * WebOffice internal chat * WebOffice mail server management * Mail server * Nextcloud server * Guacamole server * Time machine server * Windows file share * Collabora Office * DLNA sever * Torrent client webservice * Windows in a virtualized environment ## Blockchain Modules (Upcoming in Phase 2) These modules utilize the monetization opportunities of blockchain technology: they make staking, attesting and validating trivial. The Halo Box's integrated secure hardware support and [NeverSlash](https://akomba.com/neverslash) technology makes handling provate keys much more secure. * Ethereum Full Node * Ethereum Classic Full Node * OmiseGo Staking Node * Ethereum POS Staking Validator Node * Bitcoin Full Node * Lightning Node ## Decentralized Monetization Modules (Upcoming in Phase 2) These modules tap into the new decentralized finance world and enables its owner to monetize their own resources. * EthVPN service provider module * StorJ service provider module ###### tags: `halo-public`